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Type a command then press the RETURN key: B MS0
Trying MS0
You're getting an I/O error halt.  That case is supposed to go to the HALT at 
1114, which would mean you'd get a PC of 1116 shown in the message.

However... there's a bug in the bootstrap as documented in the manual.  It 
shows BMI HALT at 1050, but the machine code is wrong.  The displacement from 
the PC is 1114-1052 = 42, so the assembled instruction would be 100421.  As 
written, the code is a BMI MES.

You should examine the TS controller CSR at 172522 (TSSR) to see what error 
flags are set.


Hi Paul,

Many thanks for you Help!
Here is the content of 172522.

Trying MS0

Please excuse, maybe my understanding is wrong: Does this mean content of address 001050 should be 100421 instead of 100422?

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