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Dear CellML users,

I have a recent version of Ubuntu, and when I try to build opencell, configure 
tells me

configure: error: The CellML API directory /usr/local did not contain 
interfaces/ICIS.xpt. Give the path to the CellML API with 
--with-cellml_api=/path/to/cellml_api. Ensure you built the API with XPCOM, 
Context, CCGS, CIS and CeLEDS support.

When I download the source tarball of cellml-api-1.10 or 1.11, in either case, 
when I set XPCOM support to ON with CMake, I get

CMake Error at build/xpcom.cmake:1 (MESSAGE):
    XPCOM support needs to be ported to cmake; please do this and submit a
    patch if you want to use it!

How can I simply get through the two builds?
OpenCell is no longer maintained in Auckland; instead, Alan Garny (based at Inria) is working on a complete rewrite which he is calling OpenCOR (Website: http://opencor.ws).

If you want to build OpenCell, you would need to use a version of the CellML API that was released around the same time as the version of OpenCell you are trying to build (note: the last release of OpenCell pre-dates the change to the CMake buildsystem), as the CellML API has changed over time and OpenCell isn't being updated to stay up to date with the changes.

I think Alan will be able to give you more information about OpenCOR and its status, such as whether it is suitable as a replacement for particular applications of OpenCell yet, and if not when it will be.

Best wishes,

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