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> > How can I simply get through the two builds?
> OpenCell is no longer maintained in Auckland; instead, Alan Garny (based
> Inria) is working on a complete rewrite which he is calling OpenCOR
> (Website:
> ...
> I think Alan will be able to give you more information about OpenCOR and
> status, such as whether it is suitable as a replacement for particular
> applications of OpenCell yet, and if not when it will be.

Just to add to what Andrew said, OpenCOR cannot currently be used as a
replacement for OpenCell. I am currently busy with other aspects of OpenCOR,
but I will from August/September be resuming my work on OpenCOR with the
view of making it our official replacement for OpenCell. The (current) aim
is to have this done by early 2013. Sorry if this seems far away, but
various funding constraints have got me 'distracted' a bit. Otherwise, and
depending on what you want are after, you might be interested in having a
look at COR ( which is another CellML-based
environment (it has two main 'limitations' though: it 'only' works on
Windows and it 'only' supports CellML 1.0).

Best wishes, Alan.

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