Hi John,

We have been trying to reproduce this in-house but have
so far been unsuccessful. Would you mind providing us
with binary network captures of each of the steps:

1. dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\myfile.TXT failing
2. dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\myfile.txt working
3. dir \\filer\arch\myfolder
4. dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\myfile.TXT working

What version of Windows are you running on your client?


On 04/15/10 07:58 AM, John wrote:
Thanks Alan for the reply.
Could you explain how lookuppnvp is being used exactly?

The behavior I am describing is intermittent somewhat. We are trying to narrow 
down what's happening.
Direct access to a file for the first time from a client seems to be case 
sensitive. Example:
dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\myfile.TXT fails.
dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\myfile.txt works.

As soon as you issue "dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\", the case sensitivity goes away and 
"dir \\filer\arch\myfolder\myfile.TXT" starts working.

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