Only been on the list for a few months but found it very informative. I had a 
question regarding the Nexus 7K ISSU upgrades.

We have a Nexus 7K with two SUP2Es. We need to get to software version 8.1(2). 
It says that you can't double hop to a software version without an outage. 
Although I have found the following -

ISSU from 7.2(0)D1(1) to 7.3(1)D1(1) then to 8.1(2).

We currently are on 7.2(0)D1(1) according to the doco I should be able to 
upgrade as each version can ISSU to the next?

Has anyone performed this before?

I have posted this on Cisco Support Community, with no response so either it is 
a stupid question or no one has done it before.


Brad Ordner

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