CCM ANI call based routing is fantastic, works flawlessly once setup and then 
you go a month and forget it was setup (because it works so flawlessly) and you 
make an arbitrary change and BLAMO .... no ingress in the cluster.

Long story short, the CCM approach is great if you're committed to remembering 
it is there and the role it plays with your dial plan (because it has to insert 
itself in the ingress path right before the dial plan).

Not trying to scare you off of ccm ani routing Norm, it works great and really 
isn't that hard to setup, but Daniel reminded me of a good point. If you go 
with the CCM approach, document how you have it setup (names of the partitions 
and css's ... etc).



Subject: RE: [cisco-voip] Forwarding an inbound caller straight to Voicemail 8.0
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 17:50:48 +0000

Doc on ANI-based call routing in UCCX:
Norm can use this as a starting point assuming the call is routing into UCCX 
already. But use the call redirect step instead of the set step specified in the
 article. Use call redirect to send the call (which returned TRUE based on the 
previous IF step looking at calling party) to a DN in CUCM configured for 
CFwdAll to Unity Connection. Then have a dedicated voice mailbox for these 
calls with a matching DN.

What I’m not sure of is whether CUC will match the voicemail user based on 
first redirecting number, which might use the CTI port performing the redirect… 
 sure… would need to test… but it’s probably the cleanest solution IMO.

From: Daniel Pagan

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Subject: RE: [cisco-voip] Forwarding an inbound caller straight to Voicemail 8.0

HAH! Slick and cool… Two things I’m far, far from :) Unfortunately it took my 
email below a full hour to be posted!
That’s tricky if the desired behavior is to dial a UCCX trigger and, if the ANI 
contains area code 519, only then should CUCM route the call to a specific 
 box. If this is correct, then I think routing based on calling-number in CUCM 
is certainly going to be required along with dialed number based routing… if 
scripting isn’t desired...

But since it seems they’re dialing a UCCX trigger anyway, assuming it’s not 
just an unregistered CTI RP and calls are actually routing to UCCX, why not 
just edit
 the existing script to read the calling number and redirect the call to a 
predetermined DN that’s configured for CFWD all into voicemail?
Something straight forward like…
If calling number begins with 516
     Call Redirect
à 56789
In CUCM… DN 56789 -> CFwdAll to Voicemail -> Unity CH or User w/ mailbox
Add the partition of 56789 to the CSS of the UCCX CTI ports performing the 
- Dan

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Subject: RE: [cisco-voip] Forwarding an inbound caller straight to Voicemail 8.0



There you go trying to make things slick and cool, lol! I like that approach!

So, it seems his need is that if only 1 particular DNIS dialed one particular 
DN (a uccx trigger from my understanding) in ccm, that it then route the call 
to a specific VM account; but that it would also allow that DNIS to dial any 
other DN in the cluster
 without going to that specific VM account..

Being that I love to learn new things constantly; in your approach, is there a 
way to accomplish that requirement?





Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 15:09:32 +0000

Subject: Re: [cisco-voip] Forwarding an inbound caller straight to Voicemail 8.0

For routing based on ANI, Ryan Huff’s suggestion will certainly help from the 
perspective of CUCM. You can use this alongside CUC routing rules – route calls 
from the 519 area
 code to a specific mailbox. If you know these callers from area code 519 are 
dialing the same DNIS, then routing by ANI in CUCM won’t be needed – simply 
route the DNIS to voicemail, add a routing rule matching the 519 calls, and 
route to a mailbox.

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Subject: [cisco-voip] Forwarding an inbound caller straight to Voicemail 8.0

I have been asked to send an outside caller to a voicemail box so when the DNIS 
or ANI shows 519-XXX-XXXX I want that caller to go to a specific mailbox. Is 
this possible ?
Norm Nicholson
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