Are Vidar Boye Hansen wrote:

 > I guess you are talking about the Peder Bang manuscript.

That's right.

 > That is supposed to be written for a lyra viol.

I'm afraid that may be my fault. The book used to be regarded as 
Norway's only "lute manuscript." A few years ago I pointed out to the 
librarians at Norsk Musiksamling that it wasn't very likely to have been 
written for the lute and suggested the lyra viol as an alternative, so 
they changed their catalogue accordingly. At that time I didn't know 
there was a cittern tradition in Norway.

Rob MacKillop wrote:
 >  Are the chords always on adjacent strings

Right, and the arranger has made some effort to make it that way. That's 
why I'm sure it wasn't for a lute or any other fingerpicked instrument.

 > (bow - probably lyra-viol), or separated (plucked)?

I used to think lyra viol, but there are a lot of problems with that 
too, so I'm beginning to think a cittern of some kind played with a 
plectrum is much more likely. (Admittably there are a few details that 
seem to point towards a bowed instrument too, so the verdict is still open).

Frank Nordberg

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