There were many troubles. (I am building project from files I have
copied from libclamav to my new created project folder).
In many files a line #include <inttypes.h> was missing.
Guess something wrong with cltypes.h  (#ifndef __CLTYPES_H).
Please have a look on my compilation errors:

But I get stuck now  whith message in mbox.c|4591|error: incompatible
type for argument 2 of 'connect'|

The argument is: (const struct sockaddr *)sin

Can anyone help with this?

Please have a look for this errot here:

> Since you already moved the files, you should actually add those to your
> project.
Right I forgot to check that option as well. I am new to Code::Blocks
& mostly I\m using MPLAB IDE from Microchip. There you cannot include
header file in program and add this header file to project, it won't

Thanks for all suggestions  & information about performance
measurements.  I will go for it!

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