On 2008-12-10 01:31, Thomasz Blaszczyk wrote:
> Another thing,
> If I force troot->ac_only=0
> If I force groot->ac_only to 1 I got 'segmet fault' (seg fault is
> another funciotn - cli_scanraw)

That is not the way to go. If you want aconly, use the --dev-ac-only
flag, don't forcibly set it.
You can't get a BMOnly, because some signatures *require* the AC
matcher, such as any signature containing wildcards.

On 2008-12-09 23:43, Thomasz Blaszczyk wrote:
> Thank you for fast reply,
> Sorry for bothering you again. I am missing something in this huge project.
> I cannot understand why both functions: cli_ac_scanbuff and
> cli_ac_scanbuff are called in one cli_scandesc() function call.
> I just have one signature in database and for me it was obvious that
> file will be scanned once using AC or BM. But both algorithms are
> used. Have a look below:

You may have one signature, but keep in mind that there are filetype
signatures also, so you never have "just one" signature in the trie.

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