In Water :
Change oil
Check Coolant / change if necessary

Out of water
Run anti-freeze though engine (capture and dispose of properly)  I’m not brave 
enough to simply drain it !
Remove impeller and store with engine key

Tim Sippel

C&C 33mk ii Matico

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Hi Doug,

Third GTA winter coming up and I have not yet run the red stuff through 
windstar's engine.  (IIRC the manual does not mention doing this)   What I have 
done is drain the water lock muffler and raw water strainer, remove the hoses 
to the water pump, then drain the block through the two valves on the engine 
block.  (access under the galley sink)  Blow any water out though the water 
pump hose.
Not sure whether that's optimal or not....
Anyway, If I were to use the red stuff, (and I may) I would drain everything 
first so I could be sure that the antifreeze was not too diluted.
It really is a good time to look in on the water pump impeller..
I would also check the specific gravity of the coolant to ensure its freeze 
point is low enough.  You can get a tester at Crappy tire for this for less 
than $10.
Top up the batteries with distilled water.

Dave (we met on pier 7 - whitby)

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It's my first year with the 2GM20F and it's almost time to winterize it. Is 
there anything I need to do other running anti freeze through the fresh water 
intake until it comes out the exhaust??
Celtic Knot33-2
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