My experience with AwlWood so far has been good, as well.  I have some small 
repairs to do to the forward handrails this spring, so will be able to report 
back on that process; but after a couple of seasons, the handrails and Dorade 
boxes look like they did when they left my garage after refinishing.

— Fred

Fred Street -- Minneapolis
S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- on the hard in Bayfield, WI   :^(

> On Feb 9, 2018, at 10:10 AM, Dave Godwin via CnC-List <> 
> wrote:
> Consider me the unwanted guest at the party on this thread but I won’t use 
> Cetol. A few reasons. Years ago I redid all the teak trim on my Mako 261. 
> Fortunately the teak was just aged out. No prior coating that I could 
> determine. I sanded to bright, applied base coats of light Cetol and then 
> several coats of their Gloss. It looked okay, but not nearly as nice as a 
> good varnish job. I figured I could live with that if the maintenance was 
> substantially less than varnish.
> It didn’t turn out that way. Yes, the Cetol lasted a bit longer than varnish 
> but not enough to overcome the “look” that IMHO was not as smooth and deep as 
> varnish.
> Although I haven’t subjected my exterior teak trim on “Ronin” to the outdoors 
> yet, everything that I have re-varnished, cabin sole included, has been done 
> with AwlWood. Just from an ease of application (5/6 coats versus 8-10 for 
> regular varnish) and the deep, clear look it is worth it. 
> As an aside, I have a friend with a Tartan 37 who ponied up $4,000 last year 
> to have a professional crew redo all his exterior teak with Cetol. I watched 
> the process being done in the yard near my boat. It took every bit as much 
> time as a varnish job. Yesterday I was on his boat checking it out for him 
> and I was noting the quality of the finish. Very good but nowhere near as 
> nice as a well done varnish job.
> And being the contrarian that I can be, next time I have to apply AwlWood, 
> I’ll spray.
> Best,
> Dave Godwin
> 1982 C&C 37 - Ronin
> Reedville - Chesapeake Bay
> Ronin’s Overdue Refit <>


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