Haven’t reviewed the instructions recently but I am fairly certain that you’ll 
need to get to clean, bare wood if you use the Primer. There seems to be cases 
<> of overcoating 
other products but I didn’t see Cetol mentioned.

Dave Godwin
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Reedville - Chesapeake Bay
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> On Feb 9, 2018, at 4:35 PM, Dennis C. via CnC-List <> 
> wrote:
> Thanks for the feedack on Awlwood everybody.  My Cetol is in good 
> condition....for now.  I've said in previous posts that I would definitely be 
> amenable to switching to Awlwood.  Cetol has been around for many years now.  
> I'm guessing that the folks at Awlgrip have figured out how to produce a 
> product that is better than Cetol.
> Anybody know about compatibility?  Can you put Awlwood over Cetol Gloss?  
> Hmmm.  I might search for the answer to that.
> Dennis C.
> Touche' 35-1 #83
> Mandeville, LA


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