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> If we are able to do it right, then we don't have to worry about waiting for 
> it or aren't put behind an 8 ball if Apple decides to pull the rug out from 
> under us if it decides to change the feature (which happens).
> With these features in text styling, we have all the metrics that we need and 
> as long as the font we want to use supports what we want, these features can 
> be implemented without waiting for someone else to do it for us.

Up to a point.  Sometimes there is special support in a font for some 
particular feature, which will provide better results than naïvely moving or 
scaling a glyph.  A case in point is small caps; you can simulate small caps by 
using capitals from a smaller point size, but doing so will affect the weight 
of the strokes.  Dedicated small caps support tends to look a lot better — the 
stroke weight will match, but also sometimes changes are made to the glyphs to 
better fit into the available space and/or to better align with other 
characters in the font.

Vertically centring a colon is towards the simpler end of things and should be 
doable “by hand”, though there might still be gotchas with some fonts (e.g. 
where digits are not the same height as capital letters or where “old style” 
digits are in use).

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