On 1 Dec 2016, at 19:05, Doug Hill <cocoa...@breaqz.com> wrote:
> Just made another breakthrough. I finally figured out why we have the 
> vertically centerd colon (I’ll now call it VCC) by default but has 
> requirements of numbers on either side of the colon.
> The SF font setting is “Contextual Alternatives” (I’ll now call it CA). When 
> CA is on, it will use the logic of numbers on either side of a colon to get 
> VCC. Turning off CA turns off this logic and no VCC. But even if CA is on, 
> and you have a character stream that isn’t <number>:<number>, you can turn on 
> VCC explicitly with it’s own selector to get that behavior.
> Other than VCC I’m not sure what other contextual alternatives there are. 
> Fractions didn’t seem to do anything differently.

I think we’ve headed off topic somewhat, so this is likely my final word on the 
subject.  Contextual alternates’ usual abbreviation is “calt” (which is its 
OpenType tag).  It might also, at this point, be worth pointing you at the 
OpenType specification


and in particular the registered features page:


The pages on advanced layout may also be informative.

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