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> On 30 Nov 2016, at 18:33, Doug Hill <cocoa...@breaqz.com 
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>> Still hoping Apple will make SF font specific features part of the SDK.
> Agreed.  At the very least it needs to explicitly document the set of 
> stylistic alternates for the SF font family so that we know what they all do 
> (it looks like there might be more than in your document too; I can’t think 
> of a reason for using one, two, three and then seven without also using four, 
> five and six).


At the time I wrote that document, I only had time to figure out a few of the 
selectors. I have since found out #6 (“High Legibility”). According to the Mac 
Font Panel, #4 is “Stylistic Set 4”, whatever that is. #5 appears to do 
nothing, AFAICT.

Also, I finally got time to collect the work I’ve done and make a convenience 
class to use these San Francisco font features. See here:


I can’t guarantee that anything will work, or if there are other features I’m 
missing. For now, I have support for 11 features:

• Straight-sided six and nine
• Open Four
• Vertically centered colon
• High Legibility
• One Storey a
• Upper Case Small Capitals
• Lower Case Small Capitals
• Contextual Fractional Forms
• Monospaced/Proportional Numbers
• Superiors/Superscripts
• Inferiors/Subscripts

Feel free to try this out, and let me know if things work for you.

Doug Hill

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