> On Dec 1, 2016, at 8:17 AM, Doug Hill <cocoa...@breaqz.com> wrote:
>> On Dec 1, 2016, at 12:58 AM, Alastair Houghton 
>> <alast...@alastairs-place.net> wrote:
>> Agreed.  At the very least it needs to explicitly document the set of 
>> stylistic alternates for the SF font family so that we know what they all do 
>> (it looks like there might be more than in your document too; I can’t think 
>> of a reason for using one, two, three and then seven without also using 
>> four, five and six).
> Alastair,
> At the time I wrote that document, I only had time to figure out a few of the 
> selectors. I have since found out #6 (“High Legibility”). According to the 
> Mac Font Panel, #4 is “Stylistic Set 4”, whatever that is. #5 appears to do 
> nothing, AFAICT.

Just made another breakthrough. I finally figured out why we have the 
vertically centerd colon (I’ll now call it VCC) by default but has requirements 
of numbers on either side of the colon.
The SF font setting is “Contextual Alternatives” (I’ll now call it CA). When CA 
is on, it will use the logic of numbers on either side of a colon to get VCC. 
Turning off CA turns off this logic and no VCC. But even if CA is on, and you 
have a character stream that isn’t <number>:<number>, you can turn on VCC 
explicitly with it’s own selector to get that behavior.

Other than VCC I’m not sure what other contextual alternatives there are. 
Fractions didn’t seem to do anything differently.

Also, when Apple says VCC is on by default in the SDKs, I think they mean CA is 
on by default.

Anyways, this selector is in my SF Font code here:


Doug Hill

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