Yes, this sounds reasonable!
May be I try a combination of multiple sub-sitemaps and different tomcat-instances, in order to keep memoryusage small and to have a complete separation between some applications
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Boris Althaus wrote:

> Hello Stavros,

> I thought about this solution too, it seemed not separated enough to
> me. Or is this no problem?
> 128 RAM is quite small. Do you have problems with MemoryOverflow or
> Sitemap is null exceptions?

I believe, that 128 MB is not very much; I had it on e headless Linux
server, but it was close. I suggest more.

however there is another solution to really keep things separate, which
can be useful in some cases. e.g. to separate experimental with
production server: to start two or more tomcats on different ports.

this works fine, and has the advantage contrary to your solution, that
you can easily start and stop those tomcats separatly.
you just have to take care to modify all relevant port settings in the
tomcat configuration. otherwise you can run into problems with shutting
down or starting the separated instances.


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