It's still a LOT better than COinS for Zotero, I assume though. I'd like there to be better documentation to encourage more people to use unAPI instead of COinS; even the limited Zotero documentation there is admits that COinS is pretty limited.


Bill Dueber wrote:
The unAPI support is that you can't present
preferences for the best format to use. For example, the Refworks
Tagged format just plain has more tags (and hence more or
more-finely-grained information) than other formats (e.g., Endnote),
but Zotero will prefer Endnote just because it does. My RIS output is
better than my endnote output, but there's no way for me to tell
Zotero that.  For Mirlyn I ended up just having exactly one format
listed in my unapi-server file. Which is dumb. But I'm not sure what
else to do.

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Jonathan Rochkind <> wrote:
Yeah, we need some actual documentation on Zotero's use of unAPI in general.
Maybe if I can figure it out (perhaps by asking the developer(s)) I'll write
some for them.

Robert Forkel wrote:
well, looks like a combination:
in case of mods it checks for the namespace URL, in case of rdf, it
looks for a format name of rdf_dc, ...
and yes, endnote export would have to have a name of "endnote" (i ran
into this problem as well with names like endnote-utf-8, ...). i think
unapi would be more usable if there were at least a recommendation of
common format names.

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 4:07 PM, Jonathan Rochkind <>

Wait, does it actually recognize the format by the format _name_ used,
not by a mime content-type?  Like unless my unAPI server calls the
format "endnote", it won't recognize it?  That would be odd, and good to
know. I thought the unAPI format names were purely arbitrary, but
by their association with a mime content-type like "application/x-
/endnote/-refer".   But no, at least as far as Zotero is concerned, you
to pick format shortnames that match what Zotero expects?

Robert Forkel wrote:

from looking at line 14 here
i'd say:
ad 1. RECOGNIZABLE_FORMATS = ["mods", "marc", "endnote", "ris",
"bibtex", "rdf"] also see function checkFormats
ad 2. the order listed above
ad 4.: from my experience the unapi scraper takes precedence over coins

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 3:48 PM, Jonathan Rochkind <>

Anyone know if there's any developer documentation for Zotero on it's
unAPI?  Alternately, anyone know where I can find the answers to these
questions, or know the answers to these questions themselves?

1. What formats will Zotero use via unAPI. What mime content-types does
use to recognize those formats (sometimes a format has several in use,
official content-type).

2. What is Zotero's order of preference when multiple formats via unAPI

3. Will Zotero get confused if different documents on the page have
different formats available?  This can be described with unAPI, but it
atypical, so not sure if it will confuse Zotero.

4. If both unAPI and COinS are on a given page -- will Zotero use both
(resulting in possible double-import for citations exposed both ways).
only one? Or depends on how you set up the HTML?

5. Somewhere that now I can't find I saw a mention of a "Zotero RDF"
that Zotero would consume via unAPI. Is there any documentation of this
format/vocabulary, how can I find out how to write it?

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