Has anyone actually gotten up a _server-side_ process that uses CSL to produce formatted citations? Using the citeproc-js with a certain custom compiled js interpreter, or anything else?

This is what I'm interested in -- I'm not concerned with making it run in a browser, so custom compiled JS interpreter isn't a showstopper. But is still something that I'm not familiar with doing, so is going to take me a while to figure out how to set up. If anyone has already set anything up (using citeproc-js or anything else we may not know about), can you let us know, and maybe share your tips/instructions/code?


MJ Suhonos wrote:
- there is a JavaScript CSL-Processor. JavaScript is kind of a punishment but 
it is the natural environment for the Web 2.0 Mashup crowd that is going to 
implement applications that use Twitter annotations

A quick word of caution here; we got excited about citeproc-js until learning that it 
actually requires a specific extension compiled into the Javascript interpreter, E4X: 

This is fine and cool, but is not as widely supported as Javascript itself; eg. 
Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and a number of server-side Javascript 
engines do not have E4X support:

That said, I'm very excited about CSL in general and this thread in particular 
— structured citation parsing is what I dream about at night.  Great stuff.


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