On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 7:02 AM, Jakob Voss <jakob.v...@gbv.de> wrote:
> If you want to put bibliographic metadata
> into twitter annotations (good idea) you first need to clarify the basic
> purpose of embedding this information. I see two of them:
> I. Identification: To identify other tweets and resources that refer to the
> same publication
> II. Description: To nicely show which publication someone refers to.

I think this is right. I wonder, would you consider a potential use
case for Description to also provide machine readable data for a
resource when a standard identifier is not known?

It would be interesting to explore what identifiers + csl (and other
options) would look like in a twitter annotation if you had time to
mock something up in a wiki somewhere :-)


[1] http://citationstyles.org/citation-style-language/schema/

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