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II. Description: To nicely show which publication someone refers to.

I think this is right. I wonder, would you consider a potential use
case for Description to also provide machine readable data for a
resource when a standard identifier is not known?

There are lookup services to get a standard identifier when only some bibliographic data is known - mainly OpenURL. I have not investigated whether you can easily map CSL format to OpenURL or if you need to also embed the OpenURL as twitter annotation. However all lookup services that I know are either crapy or proprietary or both. This is not a technical issue but just based on a lack of data (hopefully to get better with more linked open data). Given enough open bibliographic data anyone can create a lookup service where you throw in some title, author and this stuff and get back an identified record. I think there also are some services called "library catalog" for this purpose.

Anyway this os nothing that can be solved with a bibliographic data format alone. Either you have a standard identifier or you have not. If you have not, you must rely on third party services that run independent of your bibliographic data.

It would be interesting to explore what identifiers + csl (and other
options) would look like in a twitter annotation if you had time to
mock something up in a wiki somewhere :-)

I summarized my findings on CSL at


and included some ideas of CSL and other data in twitter annotations. Feel free to modify!


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