> Well, that's what the "Community Profiles" are.  So now you have TWO
> long, dense, boring documents to read -- the standard and the profile!
> The main game in town for Making OpenURL 1.0 Usable (maybe still the
> only game, come to think of it) is the San Antonio Profile, or SAP for
> short, which you can get here:
>        http://alcme.oclc.org/openurl/docs/pdf/SanAntonioProfile.pdf
> Happily, it's only eight pages long (i.e. the same length as the
> entire original OpenURL 0.1 specification).  The bad news is, they are
> incredible dense pages.  Sample statement:
> <snip>
> Have fun with that!

Funny, I feel the same way when I read many of the Dublin Core specifications, 
and they have helpful diagrams and example code blocks to boot!  :-)


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