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> Quoting Jakob Voss <jakob.v...@gbv.de>:
>> I bet there are several reasons why OpenURL failed in some way but I
>> think one reason is that SFX got sold to Ex Libris. Afterwards there
>> was no interest of Ex Libris to get a simple clean standard and most
>> libraries ended up in buying a black box with an OpenURL label on it -
>> instead of developing they own systems based on a common standard. I
>> bet you can track most bad library standards to commercial vendors. I
>> don't trust any standard without open specification and a reusable Open
>> Source reference implementation.
> For what it's worth, that does not coincide with my experience.

I'm going to turn this back on Karen and say that much of my pain does
come from vendors, but it comes from their shitty data. OpenURL and
resolvers would be a much more valuable piece of technology if the
vendors would/could get off their collective asses(1) and give us
better data.


(1) By this, of course, I mean "if the librarians would grow a pair
and demand better data via our contracts"

Bill Dueber
Library Systems Programmer
University of Michigan Library

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