J Aarron said it so well, I really have little to add, but I'll respond to a
couple of your comments directed to me.

Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> > proceeded to engineer consensus by attrition,

> I am sick and tired of hearing this about Steve

> Many people lay their argument to rest and steps aside to
> let those who are able to complete their vision. Steve
> proposes/suggest to the remaining individuals to do the
> same, THAT is what you now call attrition.

Well, actually the dictionary does:  And, yes, when someone
suggests that those who don't agree with him remove themselves from the
decision-making process, I would call that consensus by attrition.

> Noel, you know all of this, yet you decide to ignore facts and only
> re-inforce the myth of "consensus by attrition" of Stephen McConnell.

The PMC e-mail archives support it -- including Stephen's direct requests to
several PMC members for them to resign.

> Your motives for that is unknown

Motives?  I was one of the ones willing to support Merlin at the ASF, and
I've told Stephen that we'll be willing to test JAMES on Merlin.  However, I
have also said to him that I'm not interested in forking JAMES to do so.
Merlin must maintain compatibility with existing Avalon components.  If we
are going to rewrite JAMES to deal with container issues, we'll move away
from container dependence entirely.

> Now is now, and everyone who set out to get Steve kicked out of ASF have
> succeeded.

How is Stephen kicked out?  He's welcome to participate as far as I'm

        --- Noel

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