Stephen McConnell wrote:
> Clearly you are not prepared to face up to the fact that the there is a
> disconnect within the ASF policies and procedures and the functioning of
> an open community.  Clearly you are not prepared, willing or able to
> address this.  You decision to abstain from further discussion within
> this context is an appropriate move and I commend and applaud this
> decision.

Last message on this: None of the above is clear.  You are guilty out
of your own mouth/keyboard of ascribing to others -- in this case me --
the motivations you want to believe they have.  Your paragraph above
demonstrates yet again that you will twist anything you can to support
your position.

By refraining from trying to deal with you further I am in no way
suggesting that I believe you to be correct.  Disengaging from a debate
does not equate to giving up and accepting the other side's argument.

And to specifically and explicitly give the lie to your assertions above,
Stephen, I will gladly discuss any of the named issues with anyone capable
of doing so reasonably.  I just no longer consider that to include you.  I
am not 'abstaining from further discussion' on them -- I am abstaining from
attempting to discuss them with *you*.  So go ahead and find someone else
who supports your position, and can participate in reasonable discussion,
and get that person to engage me on those topics right here on this list.
Go ahead and feed that person lines behind the scenes if you like, to make
sure that you feel you're being represented.  But don't bother trying to
represent yourself any more, at least not to me -- you have reduced your
own credibility to less than zero in my opinion through your choice of
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