Clearly you are not prepared to face up to the fact that the there is a
disconnect within the ASF policies and procedures and the functioning of
an open community.  Clearly you are not prepared, willing or able to
address this.  You decision to abstain from further discussion within
this context is an appropriate move and I commend and applaud this



As one of the usually-silent members of the ASF, I take exception to what you have said in most of this thread. If there is anything wrong with the policies and procedures of the ASF, it is that Avalon was not shut down in 2001 or before. The board tried and tried and tried to stay out of the problems, hoping that the Avalon PMC would self-correct. This did not happen. Avalon was shut down. IMHO, it should have happened long before you became a major player in Avalon. Avalon has historically forgot about the 'users' part of the community, and that is something that I am not willing to let continue. I fully support the decisions made by the Avalon PMC to shut the project down.

I find it a bit ironic that a 'perfect framework' project takes on a named based on a mythically perfect community, and the community is anything but.

I would 'commend and applaud' your acceptance that there is an equal and opposite viewpoint to yours on this issue. I also believe that the multiple opinions out there cannot be reconciled. I am willing to let it go at that, as there is no clear direction forward, since forward has a dozen meanings in this context. So why don't we drop it?

Scott Sanders

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