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Stephen McConnell wrote:

No policy adopted by a project can supercede the policies of the


Any that do are null and void, or, at best, advisory only.

Then clearly you have been negligent in your responsibility towards


Avalon community.

No more than, say, the federal government is to citizens of a state when that state passes laws that encroach on federal authority. I.e., not at all. Things stand until they're tested.

Bravo, Stephen; you've now competely and utterly convinced me that
you're an accomplished troll.  It's evidently impossible to hold a
reasoned discussion with you.  Apparently you're not the least bit
interested in Truth; all you're interested in is Being Right.  Or
so it seems to me.

Until you demonstrate that you can at least attempt dispassion and
objectivity, I don't intend to waste any more of my time responding
to your trolls.

Clearly you are not prepared to face up to the fact that the there is a
disconnect within the ASF policies and procedures and the functioning of
an open community.  Clearly you are not prepared, willing or able to
address this.  You decision to abstain from further discussion within
this context is an appropriate move and I commend and applaud this

Yes, Stephen, you are right: 9 directors, 120 members, 10 PMC members and 200 subscribers to this list are wrong and you are right.

You are so right.

Oh my god, you are so right, please, please, take us in your new wonderful world, please, take me with you! I so love your magic wisdom and the fact that no matter what you have an answer for everything and your world is so clean and perfect and shine

[john lennon's imagine playing in the back]

please, please, take me with you, I was wrong, all of us where wrong... you know how to make software, you know how to make people unite for a cause, you know how to bring money and experience and knowledge to people so that they will be grateful to you and send you good vibes...

please, please, don't go away, stay with us, become the Executieve Director and lead us to the next millenium and teach us your wisdom, humility and balance.


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