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To be honest, I'd prefer to stick with Moin's format ;)

Textile or Markdown may be an option, but really, it's a small learning
curve to use Moin's syntax anyway -- and at least it's widely used,
familiar to many, works well in the wiki environment, and easy to write
simple text paragraphs in.

Moving to another syntax may seem like a great idea, if the syntax is
acclaimed as more understandable etc., but for most people, that simply
translates to learning YA syntax.

(PS: I came up with EtText a good while before Textile or Markdown, and
you'll note I'm not suggesting we use that.  *That's* how much I think we
shouldn't further fragment the syntax space ;)

- --j.

Will Glass-Husain writes:
> On the Velocity lists, we had a bit of discussion about this early in the
> year.  Tim Colson made a strong case for Confluence (which has a free
> license for open source projects).  I've not used it but rumor has it that
> the markup language is much more understandable than Moin Moin, letting you
> use basic HTML syntax instead of those crazy ''' punctuation marks.
> http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DISC/Comparison+Matrix
> Best,
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> On 5/4/05, Brian Behlendorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I (really * really * really)^really wish the Wiki people would settle on a
> > common syntax.  All these different syntaxes make promoting Wikis to a
> > larger audience really difficult, because people I deal with worry that if
> > the Wiki tool in question dies off due to lack of interest and a move to
> > another one needs to be made, the migration will be painful.  We had a
> > huge amount of pain just upgrading our MoinMoin installation...
> I vote for Textile:
> * http://textism.com/tools/textile/
> -Ted.
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