El mar, 26-04-2005 a las 13:48 -0400, Shane Curcuru escribiÃ:
> Here's a brilliant idea!  I'd love to find a wiki that also supports 
> updates via some sort of geek-oriented interface, like CVS or SVN.  That 
> way, we could please both the millions of folks who like using the web - 
> and can usually figure out how to update wikis pretty easily - as well 
> as many of the really geeky folks in our community who can't stand 
> wikis, but use CVS to store their home directories.
> Any pointers?  Apologies in advance if I missed a really obvious wiki 
> that easily supports a pluggable content provider, including CVS - I'm 
> horrible at googling sometimes.

I have been using jspwiki for a time. I don't like it *that* much, but
the PageProvider comes in a version using straight file system rcs (with
horrible performance, as it spawns rcs processes for each page, and
another provider simulating rcs in java code. Both do automatic storage
of versions, and, given the presence of versioning straight into the
API, changing the PageProvider from rcs to svn would not be a big

On a different note, I selected blojsom for a pet project's
micro-content management tool as its EntryProvider is again fairly well
abstracted, and I plan to hook a SVN backend to it. It looks again a
simple enterprise, as all the blo*som tools use a hierarchical, file
system like abstraction for pages. One of the key requirements I had was
being able to generate pages statically and serve them from a file
system, which ruled out most DB backed tools and saved me quite a bit of
complexity in the tools. Blojsom has also a plugin for wiki edition,
based on the radeox wiki engine.

I don't think servlet/java fits well in your panoply, and I think
subwiki will serve you well community- and code- wise, but send me a
note if you want further info about those tools and my hacks on them.
The server where I had blojsom running died after a spike last Monday,
and I'm in the middle of moving home/office. I'll put it back up again
after the move. The old jspwiki is live at http://memojo.com/ and my
daughters and myself have been using it for almost three years, with my
small patches to have it generating xhtml instead of HTML 4


> - Shane
> do you read planetapache.org?
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