> The name at the core is Michael Segel.

Ah, then people can go to
and view sorted by author.  Better still would be to know which ones are
being considered offensive.

I reviewed a dozen or so of his posts, and I saw a few snarky comments, but
for the most part he seemed more clueless, e.g., his participation in the
"Why are classpath databases always read-only ?" thread, than snarky.  When
technically challenged on some of his clueless bits, he tended to turn
snarky as a form of defense.  So he seems to be a bit on the clueless side,
defensive about it, and just a somewhat of a snarky personality to boot,
since he had a few gratuitously snarky sign-offs directed at no one in

Of course, since he's promoting himself as some sort of consulting expert,
he's seriously not doing himself any favors.  I mean, how inspired would
*you* be to contract Michael Segel Consulting Corp?  Or anyone else, once
they review his writings in the archives, to want that attitude and mode of
expression in their place of business?

        --- Noel

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