robert burrell donkin wrote:
... i think perhaps that this is an issues of strategic aims verses
effective tactics. a good atmosphere on the user list is vital and IMO
jean is right to be concerned that those who could be contributing to
the community are being scared away by the troll.

This is the crux of my concern. I'm not concerned about the people he has personally poked so far -- they are seasoned developers who shrug and roll their eyes. I grew concerned when I started receiving off list questions that users didn't want to post on list and a couple outright complaints that his behavior was inhibiting participation.

It's ironic because at the derby BoF at ApacheCon in Stuttgart two users mentioned they prefer to send questions off lists to the key developers because of flame wars (they didn't say which lists). I assured them that derby didn't have flame problems -- famous last words. :-) We just avoided it for a while.

All this feedback is helpful -- thanks to all (not just to Robert on this reply). I'm convinced that unsubscribe/deny is a complete waste of time and will abandon that notion.

I should mention that a couple ignore strategies we have used include (1) respond to a post in the thread that raises a given issue without including anything the troll has posted (2) delete the trollish phrases in a reply. I think both of these are solid. I'll look at the jakarta lists for how the OT FUD was handled.

thanks for all the tips and suggestions,


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