Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> The answer is to ask your community not to feed the troll when it
> gets grumpy and just ignore him

> When his presence is worse than his absence, you can deny him, but
> it is better to ask everyone in the community to simply shun him.

Perhaps our netiquette FAQ should include telling readers how to configure a
kill-file for various mail readers.  If you don't want to read someone,
kill-file them.  That will lead to the obvious comment that you might see
some of their droppings in a reply, but that permits us to comment both on
proper quoting and on not feeding trolls.

> Yes, he is an annoying troll, but on balance he hasn't done anything
> truly disruptive or offensive that I could find.

We may disagree as his clueful:clueless ratio, but we can agree that he is
just snarky.  But on a related note, what thickness of skin should be
required of participants on our lists?

        --- Noel

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