Roy T. Fielding wrote:

Well, yes, but what I asked for was the posts that you consider to be
in poor taste, not responses to those posts.  But now that I know who
you are talking about I could use the view-by-author and see that this
person is better than the typical troll with diarrhea of the fingers.


He is usually right, even when though he would fail miserably as a
strategist, and most of his posts in October were both useful
and normal.  In others, he slides into troll mode on responses.


Also +1 to "Banning is not a good idea".

I remember 2 interesting "tips" that helped a lot in our community [1]:

4) be respectful of other's opinion: your email will be stored forever, archived in several locations around the world, indexed by Google, locked in magnetic tapes into the NSA caves and so on. Just keep this in mind before you hit "send", this will keep your ego honest :)

5) admit your incapacity/ignorance/mistakes: there is nothing more appreciated in a community that someone that can stand up and apologize for something. Remember: if you don't make mistakes, you can't learn. And if you don't admit you made it, nobody knows you are learning :)

Perhaps next time, try to send a remainer to this hints. ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.


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