ian douglas wrote:
> Robert Taylor wrote:
>  > I'm not dropping this. You still have it wrong.
> Hi Robert,
> I'm not trying to win the overall argument, I just want you to 
> acknowledge that my position is as valid as your own, as I do for your 
> position in point #2 below.
Ian, I acknowledge that your point is valid.

My apologies to you and everyone for making more of a stink out of this 
than necessary.

I get it, we can't win playing their game. 

According to someones post a while back, it will be at least a year  
before any of the hoops can be jumped through before the moko will start 
to be considered as part of some sort of subsidized package deal.

Although there is wiggle room, it seems that if we can't make the device 
stand out and we get locked into feature vs feature war that it is a 
loosing strategy.   The iphone deal is a pretty horrible deal, as is the 
blackberry device.  I can't understand how anyone buys things like 
that.  However RIM and Apple have managed to do a great job at 
differentiating their brand in the market place and getting their 
message out.

I wonder if we have anything that unique to offer.  Can the open world 
come up with an identity?  Or is our identity no identity?


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