Am Dienstag 22 Juli 2008 15:04:59 schrieb Carsten Haitzler:
> either way - there WAS a button.. it was in the top-left corner of the
> screen that was blank and unused anyway. it used up no extra screen space
> and was obvious to hit. it was by far the best option available so far. if
> you hack the illum theme (edje_decc illme.edj to decompile - edit the .edc
> and run to rebuild... copy it back in place). you can add the
> button back - if you can find it.

Where can I find this "edje_decc"? Searching the om and debian repos didn't 
turn up anything useful, google the same. I'd really like to add a button for 
my own app to zhone so that I don't need to start it with x-tunneling all the 
time. Same for the agpsui... :)


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