the unabomber would know what to do! :)

No, seriously: enough openmoko-members read these mails.
It seems unimaginable that none of the design team has seen this
thread. It's about time they spoke up or that someone at openmoko
(Steve, Michael, Neng-Yu Tu ?) gave us some more info about the design
departement and how they implement the "openeness" of the project
there (no offence meant). Because it seems they are pretty closed to
the community, but this is just an impression and I might be wrong and
would like to see me proven wrong).


On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Stroller
> On 24 Jul 2008, at 08:30, arne anka wrote:
>>> If you've been mismanaged/micromanaged so badly that you've had to
>>> adopt
>>> what Neitzche called the "Sklavmoral"-- or  "I'm not paid to
>>> think, I'm
>> well, nietzsche told a lot of stuff and ended up in the funny farm
>> in due
>> time ... and if his own morale was that much better than
>> sklavenmoral is
>> up to discusssion.
>> anyway, what raster tries to say, imho, is: do not bother _him_
>> with your
>> criticism but the designers themselves -- saying he's only the
>> programmer
>> makes imo sufficiently clear that he's not teh one to make that
>> decistions
>> and as he wrote before his opinion is not taken in account.
>> so, if you want to have it changed, bother the design department.
> I did mean to reply to one of Carsten's earlier (yesterday) messages
> and say "I'm not having a go at you personally, mate".
> But it is in order to badger the "design department" that we're
> posting to -community on the subject.
> We don't seem to have contact details for the "design department" and
> with Carsten washing his hands of the matter (apparently justifiably)
> Openmoko seem to be ignoring the subject. How else can we get
> Openmoko to take our opinions into account, other than to post here?
> Stroller.
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