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> > unfortunately you're out of luck. people who pay me want qtopia's keyboard -
> > and so they shall get it. illume's internal keyboard is/will be disabled. i
> > haven't had time to make any way to enable illume's internal one by config
> > yet.
> Ah wait, then I wasn't using the correct name for it.
> The Qtopia keyboard-- whatever the default one is in qpe-- with the
> Full-QWERTY mode, *is* in fact what I want.
> It's a great keyboard. I like that it has a simple mode, a Full-QWERTY mode,
> and a numeric mode. I thought Illume was the default keyboard but I guess qpe
> is. In any case, it's great, and I'm happy with it.

actually - the illume one is the on with the 3 modes (the dictionary icon
top-left, the layout icon top-right to select layout). they are in fact very
similar... :)

> > edje_decc (from edj-utils) the illume.edj file (enligtenment theme installed
> > in /usr/share/enlightenment/data/themes). in the directory find the .edc
> > file - edit. search for a comment string "don't look at me".  here are 3 of
> > them. notice the line above i the same entry - just commented out with a
> > different value. comment out the line with the "don't look at me" comment
> > and UNCOMMENT the line above. you'll get a keyboard button. rebuild the
> > file (build.sh or edje_cc file.edc) and copy the .edj file back on top of
> > the original... restart E (killall -HUP enlightenment will do the job -
> > along with a dozen other mechanisms... all but 1 disabled). :)
> Thanks. I may have a play with that later.
> Someone posted an .edj file to make the "qwerty" button re-appear on the
> default QPE keyboard, and with that, and now that I'm pointed to the correct
> downloads.openmoko.org repository, life is once again good.
> Thanks again for all your hard work on this!

cool.. no problems. :)

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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