Hugo Mills wrote:
>    The problem here is that we can't, because the design department
> don't seem to be engaging at all. We don't know who they are, and they
> don't seem to be listening to the discussions on this list.

I'm going to weigh in here with my 2 cents worth.

This so called design department should all be fired IMHO :)

They took Qtopia which is a very nice UI and turned it into ASU which IMHO is 
unintuitive, and 
doesn't work at all well from a usability standpoint (the coding is excellent 
however ;)

2007.2 was also unintuitive and ugly, so if its the same guys, I recommend they 
read a few books on 
designing usable UIs that end users want to use. (or maybe Apple patented that 
design ;)

I have been playing with ASU for a few days now, and am switching back to 
Qtopia, as it has 
frustrated me beyond belief, the last straw is when it let me remove the 
configuration tool from the 
UI so now it can't be put back, and there is no terminal where it could be 

I also found the UI is not very consistent on whether you tap or double click 
to get stuff to work, 
or maybe that is a bug? I end up tapping some icons 5 times before anything 
shows up. (Maybe its 
just slow?)

Anyway enough whining :) I'll look at ASU again in 2 months and see if this 
design team has gotten 
its act together and has started listening to its customers (ie us).

Thanks for the soap box.. next...

Jim Morris,

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