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> We perhaps will be most surprised how much a 3G modem will cost...

If you live in an Australian city to get reliable coverage you need to
be with "3" or Telstra, the competitors don't cut it. "3" is about
1/10th the cost of Telstra (2G or 3G). For data, 3G services from any
provider are MUCH cheaper than their 2G services, about 1/10th-1/100th
or better of the cost.

So the cost of the modem is almost trivial when your phone and data
bill is fraction of the cost.

In Australian country areas the only network with good coverage is
Telstra NextG - it runs on 3G 850MHz. It covers 99% of the population
compared with about 96% of the nearest competitor (probably about
1/20th the land area).

If you want a reliable phone in Australia it HAS to be 3G.

In my apartment, in a city, I am 100m from a mobile phone tower and
1km from a very major train station. I can only get a reliable signal
with 3 or Telstra, other networks drop out all the time.

> Improving to 3G is therefore a "nice to have" for me. Not mandatory.

You should mention what country you're in, as you can see, it makes a
big difference.

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