my favourite sony ericsson bug is the one where it waits till your "memory stick" (blergh) is almost totally full (with precious memories etc), and then wraps round and overwrites the FAT, followed by a "this card is not formatted" message. I'd link to the bug report but, erm, well, there is no bug tracker.

I discovered it when trying to fill mine up with inconsequential mp3s, my non techie friend tripped over it when she had filled it up with photos. Thank f* for linux, dd and those clever recovery tools.

Tim Abell

Al Johnson wrote:
On Saturday 06 June 2009, Ben Wong wrote:
My biggest disappointment has been the fact that my Openmoko Freerunner
(which I've had since helping form the Austin buying group) is still
not _nearly_ as reliable as any cheap simple handset I can get for 10%
of the cost.
Not to disagree, I'd like to share that in the short time I've been
using my Freerunner as my only phone it has been much, MUCH, more
reliable than my previous "smart" phone.

I was particularly amused to find a friend's Sony-Ericsson has the Buzz issue. Another bug is a tendency to switch network in the middle of a call when roaming, leaving both ends with a silent line. Then there was the long list of niggles and least we get to do something about (most of) our bugs.

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