You mean the mouse cursor? Tux racer can be controlled with mouse cursors?
If you mean the Up/Down keys, they should be controllable, too. Make sure the 
usb port is upside, now you can bend it forwards, so the display is coming up.
Now the Up Key should be pressed. Bend it backwards and the Back key should

Von: Petr Vanek <>
Gesendet: Montag, den 4. Januar 2010, 23:20:45 Uhr
Betreff: Re: New project openmokontrol

>I just published a new project called openmokontrol. Im using a TCP/IP
>connection to any X server to control it with the fr's accelerometers,
>mainly for games ;). Maybe I will create a video for a short

great! thank you.

> I didn't manage to
>install the ipk file on my SHR run freerunner, I always get the
>following error: *** glibc detected *** opkg: free(): invalid next
>size (normal): 0x00ba6500 *** Aborted I don't get the error when Im
>installing the package to my toolchain, so I think it is SHR's
>problem, not the problem of a corrupted ipk file, is that right? If
>not, Id appreciate hints how to get rid of this error. Greetings,

the ipk look a bit suspicious to me but extracting manually did the
job, all is running well on shr-u. i don't know lfs but tux racer
(extreme tux racer - etracer in debian) was great for testing. :)

i think now it sends only left-right with arrows? later up/down for
speeding/slowing would be great too :)



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