On Thursday 21 January 2010, D. Gassen wrote:
> Am Jan 21, 2010 um 13:02  schrieb c_c:
> > @ Rui Miguel Silva Seabra
> >
> >> specially if you add keyword organization instead of merely
> >> hierarchichal
> >
> >  Can you amplify what you're looking for? I haven't thought much about
> > the bookmark management actually.
> I would also wish to see a separate bookmark manager that can be tied into
>  a browser. I sometimes use multiple browsers and each has its own
>  bookmarks. If we had something like a button in each browser that would
>  start the bookmark manager and then that manager would have its own UI and
>  could tell the browser to go to a certain link then the same bookmark
>  manager could be used by *all* browsers. Plus I could exchange the
>  bookmark manager if it would follow a standard interface and the browser
>  could concentrate on what it does best (browsing the internet) whereas the
>  bookmark manager could do what it does best (managing bookmarks).
> I guess that could be done using dbus, maybe?

Shared bookmarking between browsers and syncing bookmarks between machines are 
things ubuntu are trying to do with desktopcouch. They also want to use it for 
contacts and probably other PIM-related things. It might make an interesting 
backend for opimd too.

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