>  The menu can at best show about 5 items - so the "hide controls"
> command

thank you for the updated version, nice to have the ability to hide
the controls, if needed.

The "Page" item is hardly usable but i can imagine this is EFL issue
and nt yours... just reporting :), simply you cannot access the Reload,
Stop, Fullscreen... buttons.

What also gives me lot's of troubles is the URL dialog:

- after pressing cancel, the URL dialog will not show up, Ventura
  restart needed

- when editing url of already opened page, the url is present and
  highlighted, which is really great, but even if you move cursor
  around, the text stays highlighted so once you try to correct perhaps
  a typo, the whole text is gone and needs to be rewritten. Pressing
  Ćancel doesn't help due to the above issue.

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