Thomas wrote:

workaround I've been using is to put a folder within the system
folder to hide the finder in for all the partitions except the one
that I want to boot.  I was hoping that there is a more elegant
solution to picking a boot partition. Could the problem be caused by
how the drive is formatted or the disk driver?

System Picker unblesses *all* but the active partition All else are unblessed . If all partitions have a blessed system folder System picker will *not* work.

I doubt its a disk driver error or the way its formatted. I think the use of System Picker has mucked something up as it has in the past for me.
Unbless all but one partition on each drive to test the startup disk CP.
Test System picker with all extra system folders unblessed.

I'll drop another drive in on the weekend and test here.
3rd party formatting tools, rarely needed and may be a problem depending on your use of the drive. If you like to hack a bit then I wouldn't use one.

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