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Chase Bohling wrote:

I think that you should try system 7.0.1 first to see if that works. It requires 6 floppies I believe. I am actually in a similar situation as you. I just recently started playing with old macs. If you download system 7.0.1 from apple's ftp site (given on the second link) you will have to extract it with stuffit expander (I did this on my ibook, then I transferred the image files to my PC and used a program called winimage.) Winimage can read mac image files and write them to floppy disks. You should probably install stuffit expander on your PC and install winimage and do what I did. For your mac pluses and your SEs you must use 800k disks (they can't read 1.44 mb floppies). But for the SE/30s and newer they can read 1.44mb disks. If you have any problems or questions, please e-mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Maybe I can learn some more too. I've included some very useful links below. Good luck, and have fun!

This page will tell you which version of Mac OS is best for which system:

And this page will give you the sites to download some of the Mac OS versions that are currently free.

Here is a site that explains how to download and work with mac files on a PC:

Eddie Smith wrote:

Hi Guys ... I've just recently aquired a number of Mac's eg Classic, Plus, SE, SE/30 (two),and a Classic II. I've never worked on Macs before having always had (can I say it here) PC's. So I'm learning about macs.

I bought a Quantum 240 Mg drive on eBay and an operating system (Ver 7.3.5 plus upgrade to 7.5.5) I've been told that the dirve has been low level formatted and now I want to format it (Initalize it, I think you call it)
and then install the systen 7.3.5.
I've unpluged the original drive and plugged in the new drive which I have set the ID to 0 Disk 1 of the set is for suitable for the computer I'm seting it up for, however when I use disk 1 it loads the system off fthe floppy but when using "Apple HD SC setup" it can't see the SCSI drive.

What have I done wrong.....or should I have done something else first ... any ideas?


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