See comments below...

> ... bE3 wE4 bE1 wF3!!!...
> Normally wF2 is played in the corner. But with wF3 white has the
> option to play aggresively with wF1 which usually is a bad idea
> because the ko fight risk to much. But on a small board things are not
> normal...

Can I ask which ruleset this is played with?

For example, in Japanese or similar rulesets where dame are not worth
anything, white cannot gain any benefit by starting the F1 ko. So I will
assume it's some sort of area counting until told otherwise...

> ... bC1 wC5 bB5 wD6 bB6 wF1!...
> white starts a ko. If white first plays wC6 bF1 wins the game right away.

To clarify, that would be B+1.5 (with your 2.5 komi) right?

This wF1 can be a skillful play to try to steal the last dame, but doesn't
your sequence below show it to be a failure (B+3.5)? I agree that bB4
(filling in your own territory) is optimal - nice move :)

After looking at the various games posted here and a number of variations
of my own, I'm inclined to think the correct komi is 4 (for area
Here is an interesting variation that noone has mentioned, maybe someone
can find a flaw:

bC3 wD4 bC4 wD3 bC2
wC5 bB5 wD5 bE2 wD2 bD1
wB6 bE3 wB4 bB3 wA5
bE4 wE5 bF5 wA3 bA2 wA4
bF4 wE6 bF6

I'd be interested to see variations that claim to prove correct komi is
2... The sequences Don gave earlier are the standard "B+4" ones as far as
they go (esp. now that you've ruled out this clever endgame ko for white.)

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