> 22 public interest groups roast FCC smutless broadband plan
> By Matthew Lasar | Published: July 29, 2008 - 08:55AM CT
> They may not agree on net neutrality or the Fairness Doctrine, but almost half a dozen advocacy groups from liberal to libertarian do concur on one issue: they hate Federal Communications Commission Chair Kevin Martin's proposal for a national broadband service with the porn filtered out. > "Unconstitutional and unwise," their Friday filing calls the plan, which they charge amounts to a "government mandated 'blacklist' of websites." The filtering component would limit the system "so dramatically that the usefulness of the service would be radically reduced." Plus, if the agency actually approved the scheme, it would face a tsunami of lawsuits.
> Read on: http://tinyurl.com/6phwoz

What's smut? What's porn?

To some of those nuts, the paintings in the Louvre, or Museum of Modern art are porn. So is this, http://www.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=2468733 [after the woot-off], or http://naturist-holidays-uncovered.co.uk/naturist.htm. Don't forget John Ashcroft hiding Lady Liberty's boobs, like the boob that he is. Also some "porn filters" doesn't allow access to medical information about breast cancer.

First it's "porn" next it's politics, religion, important news, and who knows what else? The local Marantha church radio here broadcasts the most hateful programs I've heard in a long time. Their athletes wear head to toe sweats for games; cheerleaders wear sweaters and floor-length skirts, yet the sermons in their tent meetings [you can hear them in the neighborhood] are all about hate, sin, hell, damnation, bigotry, racism, censorship, xenophobia. Will people like this dictate the filters? Will the hideous people in Texas who tell textbook publishers what kind of censored books our children should read in school dictate the filters?

Those pathetic, ignorant, repressed souls can buy filters for their own computers, and can also take the time to study the Constitution. "Unconstitutional and unwise" only scratches at the surface of their problems!


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