Ben Reser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Tue, Jan 28, 2003 at 06:37:57PM +0200, Buchan Milne wrote:
>> The hope was that it would be implemented per-urpmi-source, so that for
>> example if I was maintaining a bunch of desktops with 3rd-party
>> software, I could associate a company key with the company urpmi source,
>> and packages would be updated automatically (if I run urpmi --update
>> from cron).
>> PLF would also gain from this?
> I have the code for this partly done.  I haven't been working on it or
> for that matter anything else related to Mandrake because I have little
> time to sit around and argue to get contributions in.  So I've found
> other things to do with my time.  What I do still do is the stuff I
> actually need and post to my own tree.
> My opinion had been changed by Fracios but given recent events.  I've
> changed my opinion back.  Unfortunately, Mandrakesoft has sat on these
> recent events.  As usual, Mandrakesoft sits on the truth of the events
> that swirl around.  We ultimately don't get the details.  
> I suspect we are all wasting our time anymore.  I suspect the end is
> inevitable.

I agree, it is time to change.

Difference between Mandrake employees or not is nonsense, it should only
exist one community, like debian one.

I propose to create and contruct MandrakeLinux development on this
community, with strict rules on who is doing what, and the affected
tasks for each, and where anyone which is part of the developers
community have certain power to commit changes.

The difference must be who is a mandrake developer and who is not, and
forget who is mandrakesoft employee and who is not.

We can also discuss if we need to change the name, as Mandrake is
likely to have some trouble again because of this copyright on
Mandrake the magician (NewDrakeLinux? DrakeLinux?)


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