On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 15:17, Michael Scherer wrote:
> This sounds great, so , now, what is the definition of a developer ?

One who contributes tangible material to the distro.  Software,
documentation, detailed bug-reports, graphics.

> I propose ( as a draft ) "someone having write access to some part of the 
> distribution", this will include website developers, documentation writers, 
> and packagers.

I don't agree, necessarily.  A leading distro has to have tight
standards.  It's hard to get people to closely follow these standards. 
I know this from working with volunteers on the club.  So write access
must be given out gingerly.  That's not to say there should be a limited
number of people with access, but limited quality.  That said, there
must be a quick and easy way for new developers to have their work
appraised, committed, and acknowledged.

> How do we decide who become developer, what will be their responsabilities, 
> their ressources ?

I dunno.  How does debian do it?
Maybe some sort of wiki system.  That could organize people and tasks,
and let new people sign up, and see what needs to be done.

When you say we should divide people by task, what do you mean ?

I mean now, people are divided into categories like: contribs, club,
installation, documentation, printing, Mandrake employee, paying club
member, club VIP memeber, etc. etc.  That bugs me.

Somehow everyone who's contributing tangible work to the distro should
feel like part of the same team.  It should be easy to join the team, to
find out what needs to be done, to tell others that you are working on
that specific task, and to have your work added to the distro as soon as
it's done.

How can we do that?

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