Michael Scherer wrote:
>>>>You miss of course some of the work Austin and others do on the
>>>>Mandrake Club (on the club-volunteers list).
>>>Not a club member, sorry.
>>Guess what: contributing to the club as a volunteer will get you a free
>>membership... just ask Deno!
> Well, this is not advertised, and,I think the club was here to help Mandrake 
> finance, so to get a free account is curious for me.

"VIP" acounts are limited to be a percentage of paying members.

> I still don't know what the club offer.

http://www.mandrakeclub.com - mainly a way to support Mandrakesoft
efficiently, access to the commercial software on the CDs (such as
JRE/JDK as rpm, NVidia drivers etc), and the RPM Voting (mostly, but not
totally, powered by the volunteers ..).

> BTW, what is the work for a volunteer ?

Some people get VIP accounts for work they have already don (me, Oden?,
Texstar, and a lot more), some just because the are volunteers (build
rpms for stable releases etc).

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